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The journey started back in 2014, when startup culture was holding a foot hold around the world but there were a few tech partner catering for their needs. “Boost My Startup” (BMS) was established to address the issue and become technology partners for startups. The footing of BMS was small but the aim was very clear; to enable the startup by providing them with a strong, reliable and affordable tech team; hence, the venture grew to become a successful software agency.

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The next few years were of massive growth and the startups which were enabled by BMS started to be acquired and started converting large client; such as CTS and Marks and Spencer; turning them into profitable companies. This success translated into more business and more growth, hence we grew our footings in Europe and USA. With this growth came the challange.

Then came year 2022, we outgrew our brand identity hence sparking the rebranding of the company. The new name was suggested and Boost My startup was rebranded as skillforte. The new face was not only the change of name but also meant growth in the offerings of the company. Venturing beyond the software development and MVPs, skillforte now offers many more services for a wider audience.
The journey that started to enable the startups, now continues with a new face for many years to come.

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