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With An Absolute Blend of Social Networking and Financial technology, Beythak redefines traditional farming practices.




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In the fields where every seed planted means food on the table, a groundbreaking innovation has emerged, redefining the landscape of farming. Crafted by DevStarX and fueled by the prowess of Yottabite, “Beythak” is a pioneering Fintech platform that heralds a new era for farmers, seamlessly blending the virtual and real-world realms of agriculture.

Transforming Livelihoods of Those Who Till the Earth

Gone are the days of solitary toil in the fields; Beythak empowers farmers with Next-gen technology, cultivating a vibrant community spirit among farmers. With an active user base swelling to 30,000 to 35,000 just post-launch and growing by the day, it’s a testament to this Platform’s transformative power.

A Closer Look at Beythak

A Farmer’s KYC

Imagine a place where every farmer's identity is known and celebrated. Beythak serves as a KYC (Know Your Customer) for farmers, ushering them into a world of digital empowerment. They can create profiles just like on social media, sharing about their crops and fields. It's all about expressing themselves and joining in with others in the farming community like never before.

Cultivating Connections

Beythak is all about enhancing productivity and efficiency on the ground. Farmers can seamlessly navigate through the app's interface, exchanging messages, voice notes, and even live commenting with the ease of swaying wheat in the breeze.

An Exclusive Social Media Platform

Picture a vibrant social media platform tailored exclusively for farmers – that's Beythak. From sharing images of their lush fields to engaging in lively discussions, it's a social platform buzzing with activity. Moreover, Beythak's feature of voice comments adds a layer of warmth and authenticity, fostering connections that cut across geographical boundaries.

Beythak’s Add-on Features: Shaping the Modern Farming Landscape

Discover how Beythak serves as more than just an app! A gateway to a plethora of opportunities for the farmer community, from tailored advisory services to seamless transactions and beyond.

Beythak’s Add-on Features

Tailored Advisory Services

Understand the power of knowledge with Beythak's Customized Advisory Services. Backed by esteemed government and private experts, our platform offers personalized guidance based on crop type or specific field requirements. With a keen eye on each farmer's details and KYC, our advisory services ensure tailored solutions for every agricultural challenge.

Seamless Buying and Selling

Experience convenience with Beythak's Buying and Selling advanced feature. Whether you're showcasing your "produce" or need essential farming supplies like equipment, pesticides, seeds, or fertilizers, Beythak streamlines the process. Farmers can effortlessly place ads for their produce while accessing a wide array of farming essentials with just a few clicks.

Access to Hassle-Free Loans (Advanced Feature)

Experience financial empowerment with Beythak's advanced loan access. In partnership with multiple banks, our platform ensures farmers can easily secure loans, eliminating the tiresome paperwork and delays. This upgraded feature facilitates smooth transactions and manages risks for underbanked customers, ushering in a new era of financial inclusivity in agriculture.

Exploring Beythak's Admin Control Panel

Monitoring Farmer Sign-Ups

Gain insight into user distribution with Beythak's admin tools. Administrators can track the geographical areas where farmers sign up for the app, allowing for targeted outreach and resource allocation.

Regulating Farmer Feeds

Ensure quality and compliance with Beythak's Feed Regulation feature. Administrators can monitor and regulate the content on farmers' feeds, fostering a safe and constructive online community.

Analyzing Transactional Activities

Harness Data-driven insights with Beythak's Transaction Analysis feature. Admins can analyze and control transactional activities, such as loan requests, to optimize processes and mitigate risks effectively.

Bridge to Banking Facilities

Streamline financial interactions with Beythak's representative integration. Through this platform, administrators can appoint representatives to communicate with banking facilities on behalf of farmers, ensuring smoother loan processing and financial management.

Assuring Vendor Payments

Ensure vendor satisfaction with Beythak's Payment Assurance System. Administrators can rest assured that the platform guarantees timely and secure vendor payments, fostering trust and reliability within the agricultural ecosystem.

Make Informed Decisions with Beythak’s Advanced Analytics

Get a clear view of farmers’ performance — from top to bottom. Those who are doing great and those who might need a little boost, all at a glance!

Everything Traceable

Through Beythak’s intuitive dashboard, gain a comprehensive overview of farmers based on their production levels, enabling seamless tracking of performance metrics.

Dynamic Ranking

Witness a dynamic ranking of farmers based on their produce. From the top-performing farmers to those who are steadily improving, users can see the whole farming scene clearly.

Mapping Crop Success

Check out where crops are thriving the most with Beythak’s handy regional insights. See which areas are growing the most produce and at what rate, whether it’s lush valleys or sunny fields.

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What Beythak says about us!

It was an amazing experience while working with skillforte as they developed Beythak for us. The team with it’s amazing talent pool was able to guide us through the challanges that we faced throughout the journey resulting in a very positive feedback from our farmers.
John Doe

John Doe

COO-Asbest Care

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